Daren went from nearly failing university...

to becoming the only person in the world to compete in all 6 world memory championships from 2006 - 2011

(Out of over 450 competitors from 42+ countries)

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Interesting facts about Daren

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people from 25+ countries
  • Fastest time to memorise a deck of playing cards:

80 seconds

at the World Memory Championships in China in 2011 (10 decks in 1 hour)

  • Education /
  • Business Science Degree, Organisational Psychology, UCT  (2001-2004)
  • Northwood Old Boys Circle of Valour Award. Category: Science and Academics
  • Highest Ranked Competitor at the World Memory Championships from Africa and the Southern Hemisphere (2006-2011)

Daren Denholm is known as “The Memory Guy”.

Whenever someone tells Daren Denholm they are awful at remembering names, he smiles and confides that he once had that problem but can now memorise a deck of cards in under 80 seconds.

So who is this skilled mastermind who holds the secret to accelerated learning? In all honesty, he’s just a normal guy living on the South African Natal coast, who has taken on the world of strategic learning for the love of it. He was never born with any special gift or talent and everything he knows can be taught and learnt. Diagnosed with ADHD, his struggles at university set him on a path to discover more effective ways of learning. 

So how does he do it all?  Faith, family and focus.