How to Improve Your Reading and Writing Skills – 6 Fun Yet Effective Techniques

Quality writing is easy to read. But practicing quality writing is not easy. It takes several hours of practice before you can become a skilled writer. But learning how to improve your reading and writing skill is not impossible to achieve. In order to become a good writer, you must be a good reader first. It is all about developing a strategy that will enable you to develop both skills.

Sadly, most of the online courses on reading and writing are very technical. Instead of encouraging aspiring writers to learn, they often end up feeling discouraged instead. That shouldn’t be the case. So, go on and try these fun yet effective techniques to improve your reading and writing skills.

Read More (Of What You Enjoy!)

Reading is crucial for learning how to write well Therefore, anyone who wants to know how to write well is encouraged to read more. Practice reading books or articles on subjects that interest you. The more you enjoy reading, the more you will learn from it.

Annotate Your Reading

Another technique used by experts to improve reading and writing is to make explanatory notes, called annotations. These notes can improve your understanding of a specific text. In addition, it makes it easier to remember information when you continue reading. Comprehension is one aspect of reading that is often overlooked. When you are trying to take information from other resources, annotation can be highly crucial in organizing that information when you write.

Meet Up With Other Writers

Going to a writer’s meetup is another strategy to improve your reading and writing skills. External feedback is essential when you want to improve your skills. In fact, even seasoned writers hire editors. A writing meetup is a great way to get critical but objective feedback on your writing. You can use the helpful suggestions from other writers and gain new ideas. You can look for local groups or find them online, but remember to look for one that is in line with your experience level and goals.

Keep a Journal

Keeping a writing journal is one of the recommended practices for those who want to improve their reading and writing skills. Every writer should keep a journal, it’s a good way to evaluate your writing skill as it evolves over time. It is also a good source of ideas for when you want to produce writing materials in the future.

Read Through Old Pieces

This is somewhat related to the technique showcased above. Looking through your old journals is a good way to benchmark your progress in writing. Making light edits and rewriting an old content takes a lot of skill. Does it have any structural error? Did it achieve the overall tone that you are seeking?

Identifying any mistakes you have committed while writing can also enable you to be conscious about them as you write.

Practice Basic Writing Skills

Just as an expert chef must master specific skills first such as chopping, sautéing, and baking, as a writer, you have to master the essentials before you can proceed to the more advanced skills.

Start with knowing how to write good sentences first, then learn more about the different styles and tones of writing such as formal or conversational tones. You should also practice proper use of punctuation, outlines, and figures of speech.

Try these techniques on how to improve your reading and writing skills. As with any other skill, it will take a lot of practice and time to perfect reading and writing. Be patient and follow through with the techniques above and you will see an improvement over time.