Accelerate your learning and
mental output at work.

How to use the latest breakthroughs in brain science

and technology to boost sales, innovation and

engagement in your organisation.

Recent Clients Include:

What could you and your team achieve...

if you learned how to master the best kept secrets from the world’s greatest learners –  and combined this with the latest breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, machine learning and technology?

Key Outcomes Include:

Learn Faster & More Effectively

Stay ahead of your competition by keeping abreast with change.

Enhance Focus & Mental Alertness

Attention, energy and knowledge management.

Develop a Phenomenal Memory

Recall critical business knowledge perfectly, when you need it most.

Improve Sales Performance

Use the latest advancements in technology to reduce costs, boost profits and overall efficiency

Boost Creativity & Innovation

Continuous & consistent improvement, inline with strategic objectives

Higher Levels of Staff Engagement

A happier, more productive and inspired workforce.

Exponential Increase in Execution

Achieve uncontested market space by applying the latest breakthroughs in technology.

Training Options:

“How to out-learn (and outperform) your competition in an overpopulated world of information.”

Trainer: Daren Denholm6 x World Memory Championship Competitor

Option 1: Silver

1-1.5 hr keynote address

(Half-day workshop available on request)

Option 2: Gold

Full Day Workshop

Option 3: Platinum

2 Day Comprehensive Course

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