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Daren Denholm

Highest ranked competitor at the World Memory Championships from Africa and the Southern Hemisphere for 6 years years in a row.

(2006 - 2011)

The PowerStudying Formula was created FOR YOU ... to save you TONS of time while boosting your retentionconcentration, energy levels and motivation towards studying!

EVERY memory, speed learning & speed reading system you will EVER need... 

To learn faster and more strategically than you EVER thought possible.

The Course:

In a nutshell

  • PARTS 1 - 4:

    Memory and speed learning foundation

    Every memory and speed learning strategy you will ever need, to learn faster and more strategically than ever before! Full HD, professional training videos.


    Time allocation to complete: 6 - 7 hours


    96 page digital course workbook

    For you to work through the exercises in conjunction with the training videos.

  • PARTS 5 & 6:

    Practical application


    Every practical answer you will ever need on how to apply all the techniques to your world of learning. 



    Time allocation to complete: 6 - 7 hours


    196 page digital course manual

    To deepen and expand your new found knowledge and ability.

You are just 1 step away from unleashing your brain's FULL potential...!

Key outcomes include:

Learn Faster &

More Effectively

Start experiencing a LOT more of the greatest resource you will ever own... and that is time.


Increase Motivation & Decrease Procrastination

You are at your creative best when you have a problem to solve. With the best tools at your disposal, get ready to unleash your inner Edison.

Enhance Focus &

Mental Alertness

Tap into your brain's unlimited potential and start unleashing your true genius.



Boost Productivity & Execution

Packed with practical, easy to use insights you can use immediately to start working smarter than you ever thought possible.


Develop a

Phenomenal Memory

Start enjoying the confidence of being able to recall what you learn, months and even years into the future.

Solve problems faster

Enhance your ability to think faster, clearer and more effectively. Reduce mental clutter and start enjoying a faster, more organised brain. 

Boost Creativity & Innovation

Einstein said imagination is more important than knowledge. Sign up and start experiencing the benefits of both.


Your career

Intelligence is a verb. Dominate your profession and keep abreast with change by applying and adapting your new found knowledge to your world of work.

Yes... learning can be easy and fun!

Expanded Course  Breakdown



Setting the stage for extraordinary learning success

You will learn:


  • The step by step PowerStudying Formula
  • The biggest problems with memory & learning
  • The best solutions to these common problems
  • How to unlock 10 of the most powerful under-utilised parts of your brain
  • How to easily memorise 60 words in perfect order using just 1 of the top 9 memory systems used by all world memory champions



How to develop a 

world class memory

You will learn:


  • All 9 of the best memory systemsused by professional memory athletes 
  • How and when to use each techniquefor maximum results
  • How to 'store' as many as 5-10 different pages of information on a single 'location'
  • How to achieve 80-100% retention and recall
  • Practical examples showing how to apply each technique with an actual section of work



How to develop lightening speed learning


You will learn: 


  • How to learn 80% of your work in 20% of the time
  • 7 powerful summarising techniquesincluding the 'no writing method'
  • How to summarise and learn at the same time
  • How to learn 3 hours worth of work more effectively in 30 minutes (one of our largest learning breakthroughs)
  • How to easily remember 90-100% of this information many months into the future





You will learn:


  • World class preparation
  • Understanding memory enemies
  • How to use this information to dominate your career or profession
  • Ultimate brain nutrition
  • 12 minute summary video of the entire course to review and perfect what you have learnt
  • 200 + actionable strategies to use immediately


Practical application 


You will learn: 

  • How to use what you have learnt to maximise your daily efficiency
  • How to apply the techniques to your specific subject material
  • How to enhance your understanding of subject matter
  • How to boost your creativity
  • How to stay motivated and avoid procrastination
  • How to effectively learn all the smaller detail
  • How to best approach heavy learning subjects such as: Law; Medicine; Psychology; your MBA etc.
  • How to dominate a practical degree such as: Actuarial Science, Statistics and Engineering
  • How to easily present a speech without notes
  • The best approach to learning numbers, dates, formulas and definitions


Practical application 


You will learn: 


  • Actuarial science and formulas
  • Law cases, definitions and theory
  • Economics
  • Biology
  • History & dates
  • Chemistry equations
  • Art theory
  • Increasing your vocabulary of a new language
  • Marketing and business
  • Learning names and faces
  • Science and Psychology

PART 7: (Platinum option)

Platinum updates and bonuses 2018​

12 week updated video coaching program.

Latest breakthroughs, resources and applications.

"If you want to learn powerful learning methods, listen to Daren.


Of all the memory competitors and trainers I have had the pleasure to meet over the years, I have to say that Daren has the most energy. He really knows how to deliver the most effective, proven memory techniques."

Dominic O' Brien , 8 x World Memory Champion and Guinness record holder for memory

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Trailer Video

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Intro and overview

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Case study

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STOP wasting valuable time with inefficient study methods.


Invest in yourself today to start experiencing more time than ever before!

If we say it, it's boasting

If our clients say it, it's proof.

“The PowerStudying Formula helped me move from 1 A to 6 A's and from an average of 61% - 87% in just 3 months. Thank you!”



Duncan Marshal




"This program should be in every school."



Anisha Archary

HR Director, Old Mutual

"The PowerStudying Formula enabled me to cum laude my Masters degree in Psychology. I was able to achieve this in a fraction of the time it would have taken me, had I not know this life changing information."

Tamryn Coates

Masters in Psychology

"Thank you Daren and the Genius Series team for helping me become the 1st South African Schools Memory Champion.

I was able to break a student world record in the numbers event after just 2 months of applying my mind!"


Siphesihle Shabane


1st South Africa Schools Memory Champion

"The accelerated learning process that Daren teaches, is nothing short of phenomenal.

Daren is deeply interested in developing people and because of this, everyone become deeper, richer, fuller human beings after going through this dynamic learning experience."


John Ballam

Ex National Head of Learning, Varsity College, South Africa

“Of all the memory competitors and trainers I have had the pleasure to meet over the years, I have to say that Daren has the most energy.

He really knows how to deliver the most effective, proven memory techniques: If you want to learn powerful learning methods, listen to Daren.

Dominic O' Brien 

8 x World Memory Champion and Guinness record holder for memory

You are just 1 step away from unleashing your brain's FULL potential...!

About your trainer

Daren Denholm

Daren went from nearly failing University...


To being the ONLY person in the world to compete in ALL 6 World Memory Championships from 2006 - 2011. We was also the highest ranking competitor from Africa and the Southern Hemisphere for 6 years in a row. (2006 - 2011)


(Out of over 450 competitors from 42+ countries)

Let Daren show you

Just how easy it is...


To significantly enhance your memory and speed of learning




Crafted for Beginners


- Part 1 of the PowerStudying Formula Online Course (Setting the stage for your extraordinary learning journey)

- 5 Day Memory Challenge  (A summary of some of Daren's greatest learning discoveries over the years)


Crafted for Experienced


once off

  • ALL 6 parts of the PowerStudying Formula
  • Instant online access
  • 1 year access


Crafted for Professionals 


once off

  • Includes the "Gold" option
  • Updated 12 week video coaching program + bonus Platinum package with latest updates ($5000 value) 
  • 25 year online access

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