The Sensational Story Of Paul Pots – How To Overcome Your Greatest Fear

In the inaugural season of Britain’s Got Talent, Paul Potts was named the winner of the season. Ten years later, Paul Potts thinks that his win was “one big mistake”. This is despite the fact that he has sold almost 5 million albums and performed in over 800 shows since. He has performed in over 44 countries, too. Potts’ story has become a point of inspiration for many, and even pulled a few heart strings, as he battled his self-confidence issues and adversity to fulfil a life-long dream.

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The Story of Paul Potts

Potts is such an inspirational story that a movie was made about his life. In the film, entitled “One Chance”, James Corden played as the former phone salesman turned into a Britain’s Got Talent star. The film provided a nice insight to the life of Potts before he appeared in the biggest audition of his life.

In his audition, Potts sang a rendition of “Nessun dorma”. His rendition of the song left the judges and audience in awe. In fact, it was so compelling that he earned a standing ovation for his performance. The video of his audition quickly went viral on Youtube and garnered over 149 million views in a span of a few days. Today, it is one of the most watched videos on Youtube of all time.

A Voice to Inspire

Even with his success, Paul Potts remained rooted to the ground. He would even jokingly say that someone had to pinch him because his win at BGT could all be one big mistake. But nothing about it is a mistake. Paul Potts had the talent. It was just a matter of him stepping out and showcasing that talent to the rest of the world.

It is very encouraging for a lot of people. There are several people out there with amazing talent but never had the courage to showcase those talents. Use Potts’ story to compel you to make use of your talent. It is meant to be shared and cherished.

Paul Potts is a true inspiration for those who lack self-belief and confidence. More importantly, he has shown that doubt is inevitable. However, you should not let it cripple your ability to pursue your dreams.

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